Thursday, March 25, 2010

They really do go with everything...

It has been a crazy week. At least it seemed so. I have been doing my workouts as prescribed. Swim. Bike. Run. Swim. Bike. Run. You know the drill. But this week seemed like I was going here, then there, then here again, then back there. I was pulled in so many different directions. I found my workouts to be the most peaceful part of the day.

One day I had to change the time of my workout and do it on my way home from work. Not so unusual I suppose but normally, when I workout at lunch, I will take off my jewelry before I go and lock it in my drawer. I do this because I don’t like to work out in my jewelry and I don’t like to leave it in my car or in a locker. Well, when I revised my plan, I still wasn’t comfortable leaving it in the car or locker so I wore it to work out. I usually only wear my wedding rings and another ring. But that day I had worn my favorite necklace - my string of pearls left to me by my maternal grandmother.

Now some of you might wonder why I was wearing them – was I at a wedding? funeral? dance? Nope. I wear those pearls as often as I can. They are beautiful. When I first got them I would only pull them out a couple times a year for special occasions wishing I had a reason to wear them more often. Then one day as I was making that same wish, I answered myself with ‘Well, why can’t I wear the pearl necklace every day?’ So I did. Ever since, I have been wearing them several times a week. That was about 5 years ago and I think about my grandmother every time I do.

Needless to say, when I worked out that day, I wore my pearls. It is true what they say – they really do go with everything. I have never felt so pretty and feminine as I did that day working out wearing my grandmothers pearls.

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  1. Things are always extra special when they come from family