Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I Can See Clearly Now

OK. Today it really begins. Today it is my swim day. 1100 yards with lots of drills. Nothing crazy. I get to wear my new goggles I got last week. I just love them. They are Aqua Sphere Seal. I have used them twice so far and have noticed a significant difference. First is the fit. They are a little larger than most goggles and look more like a ski mask than swimming goggles. They sit below the eye on the bone so it doesn’t hurt me the way my old goggles did. Second is the seal. It is fantastic and I have yet to get any water in the goggles. They also don’t leave funny marks on my face when I’m done swimming. And third, they are so clear and easy to see thru with their 180°wide angle view. I could not believe how well I could see thru them.

However, because of my clear vision, I discovered a few things about the pool I swim in. The bottom and sides are very rusty. I find this odd, especially since it is made of concrete. I’m guessing it is rebar rusting thru the cracks. Next, the water was a little on the green side. And last, but most disturbing of all – there were two pairs of men’s swimming trunks on the bottom of the pool. Not one but two. Yeah - I got nothin.

Luckily, the next day both pairs of trunks were gone and the water was no longer green.

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  1. WTF.

    You serious?!?!?!

    You did 1100 yards?


    Swim trunks....that's just too much to handle.