Thursday, March 18, 2010

Even Steven

Yesterday was my bike day. However, I was in the field away from my office. Like I said before, that usually throws me off schedule. However, yesterday was my lucky day – and I’m not even Irish. I was in Mansfield, OH doing a survey of a YMCA. Jackpot!

I always have my workout clothes in my car just in case an opportunity presents itself to get a workout in when otherwise I wouldn’t normally. As a card carrying member of the Lake County YMCA, I was able to do my bike work on a really nice life cycle at the Mansfield YMCA after I was done with my survey. I tell you what, that place is gorgeous! It is brand new and way better than the YMCA in Lake County. Their pool area looks like the Great Wolf Lodge. I'm not kidding.

Today was my run day. I went out at lunch and ran about 3 miles. I forgot to pack my socks in my bag but went out anyways. I figured – a lot of people do it and it is only 3 miles. Big mistake :-( My feet are like those of a newborn baby (well mostly). I have no calluses, no dry patches, no funky black toenails, nothing. About halfway thru, I felt my shoe rubbing the top of my left foot. Another ½ mile later, I felt the other shoe rubbing the top of my right foot. Ouch. I believe I’ll live but I think I’ll be throwing a few spare pairs of socks in my car so it will never happen again. I will never take socks for granted again.

I guess today offsets my luck from yesterday.

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  1. Gald it didnt give you blisters. At least you got both workouts in, that to me is lucky both days