Thursday, May 27, 2010

Random Stuff

I officially logged 100,000 miles on my Honda Pilot this morning. I bought it new in December 2005, so I am averaging about 22,650 miles a year. In Honda years it is just middle aged. My oldest son Sam was with me at the time and he watched the odometer turn over with the same enthusiasm as watching the winning run of a baseball game in the bottom of the 9th!

I loved the LOST series finale. I love how they brought all the characters back together at the end. My favorite was Sawyer and Juliet.

I’m glad Michael won on the Biggest Loser. I originally thought he was a knucklehead but he seemed to get it more and more as time went on. I just hope he continues to lose weight because he is not done yet. The past winners that were in the audience that night seemed to have gained a lot of their weight back. Koli seemed cranky but I think he just plays everything close to the vest. I did vote for Daris.

There is a rust stain on the bottom of the pool at the Bally’s in Willoughby that is in the shape of the United States.

My youngest son Tom broke his wrist – just in time for summer.

Sam, who will be in 7th grade in the fall, wants to play football for his school. He has never played this sport before and he weighs about 80 lbs soaking wet. He is strong and very athletically gifted, but this is a whole different animal.

I drove the run and bike course of the Rev 3 70.3 a couple weeks ago. Boy did it seem long…and I was in my car. I cannot let that psychology seep into my head.

I bought a SPI belt to hold my phone, ipod, key and some cash, while I run or bike, at the recommendation of two fellow runners. I hope I like it.

I changed the burned out headlight and the windshield wipers on my Pilot all by myself. I was very proud – especially for the headlight.

Gasoline – heading into Memorial Day Weekend – is $2.51. Yikes! I can hardly believe it.

I listen to my ipod when I’m running. Only I’m not listening to music. I listen to books. I’m currently listening to ‘World Without End’ by Ken Follett. It is about a 1000 page book so it will do for a long while.


  1. 2 thumbs up on the spi belt!

    I drove 26 miles before my first marathon and when I realized how long it took to drive, it messed with my head for a while. These days people run 100 miles. You can do anything you set your mind to. ANYTHING!!

  2. I have never driven a course prior to racing it. I like the "surprise" I get when I think I am almost done and realize I am only half way done haha!

    I have never run to Podcasts or Books. I always wanted to start doing that, I was afraid that I would get bored?!

  3. Was the course hilly or flat? I wont have a chance to see the course till race weekend. Unlike Matt, I dont like surprises.

    I agree, I dont know why, but watching to ODO turn over is exciting.