Thursday, June 10, 2010

Recent Training Update

Some updates about my progress in training. I finally hit a huge personal milestone in swimming. I have been swimming 2000 yards or 1.11 miles for the last week during my pool training days. I have been doing it in about 54 minutes. Now that I’m nearly at my max training swim distance I will work on speed more. I know swimming is my weakest of the three sports. I also know I will spend the least amount of time doing it as compared to biking and running. At the Rev3, I only need to know that I will finish by the cutoff time, which I believe is 1 hr and 10 min.

I also made it out into Lake Erie last weekend. It was my first time in open water since last September. It was not pretty. The waves were choppy and 1-2 ft. They were also relentless. I couldn’t get into any sort of rhythm. I normally have decent form but it all goes to pot when I’m in open water like that. I revert to every bad habit and poor form I spent all winter working on improving. When I did get moving I did well for several yards, then a wave would catch me and I’d take in a huge gulp of Lake Erie water.

A couple times I had to stop because I took in so much water I had to hurl it back up. See what I mean by not pretty. To make matters worse, there were about 20 kids playing in the lake while I was swimming and most were focused on me as I was gulping and hurling. I love being judged by a bunch of 9-12 year olds! One even told me that I’m not supposed to do that. Really? You think?

I also later found out that the lake water had 4x’s the e-coli bacteria allowable for swimming. I did not see a red flag at the beach which is surprising because they usually put one out if bacteria is at dangerous levels. Yum. I’m actually glad I managed to get rid of most of it.

My bike is currently at the LBS. I need to pick it up today. I just had some minor tweaking to the rear tire – it needed to be trued. My first race is this weekend and I wanted it to be ready. It is a duathlon – 5K-20 mi -5K in my hometown. I can even ride my bike to get there. I have no excuses – my bike training route is the exact course of this race. I have ridden this route so many times I know where every bump in the road is located. I only have the weather to worry about. There are thunderstorms in the forecast.

I also recently had to get new cleats for my shoes. One of them broke during a training ride about a week ago. I have Time Impact pedals. They came on my bike that I bought on eBay. I’m learning they are an older style pedal. They work just fine but the history of the cleats is poor. From what I was told at the LBS, the cleats were originally made of metal and near indestructible. However, in a future model year, the cleats were made of a resin that was not as durable as the metal and they broke – a lot. That is what made them fall out of favor. I bought a used set of cleats on eBay. However, if another cleat breaks, I’m going to buy a new set of pedals and cleats. Hopefully that won’t be for awhile though. I’m open to anyone’s reviews of the pedals they are using.


  1. Oh the beauty of open water swimming. I totally feel your pain. Nothing like getting tips from a 10 year old, either! It's so easy for them!

    Good luck at the race this weekend. Hopefully you can take care of business before the storms roll in!!

  2. OWS is oh so fun (rolling eyes) I will admit, I am a little worried about swimming in Lake Erie in September.

    Good luck this weekend at your race.