Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Willoughby Lions Duathlon

Sorry I have been such a bum lately about postings. I have been in a bit of a funk this last month and haven’t been able to shake it. Bear with me it will probably take a couple of posts to catch up then explain why. There is a lot I need to post so I will take it one post at a time.

On June 13th, I did a duathlon that consisted of a 5K run, 20 mile bike and a 5K run. I was using it as a ‘C’ race to see where I would be for the Olympic distance triathlon I had coming up in Philadelphia on June 25th. It was essentially the same distance without the swim and a break for the run.

This is a small local race and very low key. I like it a lot because it is good for beginners. However, most of the people participate in the biathlon that is a 5K and 13 miles on a bike. I did that one last year.

I got my TEAMPHLY tri suit and wore it to this race. It feels nice to be a part of such a great thing.

It was very muggy that day and by the end of the race, fog had rolled in off Lake Erie.

I did come in second place in my age group for the duathlon. But to be fair, there were only two people racing in my age group. There were only about 30 people who competed in the race and only 6 were women. Essentially, all I had to do was cross the finish line and I would win, place or show in my age group.

Now, in general, I have never professed to be good or fast at swimming, biking or running. I only profess to enjoy doing it. If being fast was a prerequisite, I would have quit a long time ago. I did come in last place in this race but I finished. I am glad for that. I do not worry that I’m last. I believe I’m making last ‘cool’ – as a new running mate of mine – Lisa – said recently.

The only problem I had was when the municipal guys came by in their truck picking up the race cones when I was still running the last 5K. I was thinking – Nice. How will I know where to turn? There is this weird part of the course where you go thru someone’s backyard. If they removed the cones I could be going thru the wrong back yard. Luckily, another course volunteer came out to direct me in.

I was happy with my slow result. I figured I would add about 35-40 minutes to my finishing time if I added a swim for an olympic distance tri.


  1. In my book, anyone out there doing it, is a winner. We see people on the trails barely able to run and I always tell them good job and keep up the good work. For you to get out there and know that you are doing this either for fun or for personal achievement, you are the winner of that race!

    Great job! Those are pretty serious distances!

    On the topic of picking up the cones... man does that get on my nerves. That is very disrespectful for someone that has paid to do this event and would like the same services provided to the other runners! If I were you I would nicely make a comment to the race director about that. Since it was a low key race you should not have had them doing that.

    Great job, keep up the good work!

  2. Girlfriend, you are awesome!! I would love to find a tri that small because I wouldn't feel so intimidated.

    As far as being the last person to cross the finish line, the key is that you DID cross the finish line. How many people can say that? Very few.

    I've been in a funk myself. I needed to be reminded that it's all about enjoying the sport and not feeling like you have to win or post a specific time.

    Thanks for the post :)

  3. You rock

    Its all about the finishline, its the reward for all the hard work you put in to get to that point. I always have 2 goals at my races, cross the finish and do not be the last one to do it