Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Injury report

Well it was bound to happen some time. I fell on my bike while I was riding last Saturday.

As I was riding what I call my 'training loop' last Saturday - the 6 1/2 mile loop that is pretty close to my house - I was approaching that same damned intersection at Reeves and Lakeshore. There is a traffic light there and it always seems to be red. I slowed down as I approached it hoping it would turn green before I got there, but that didn't work. It was still red.

It wouldn't be so bad except for the steep incline of the hill. I was slowed down, praying the light would change and when it didn't I had no choice but to stop. However, I didn't exactly stop the way I would have liked. Basically I just fell over trying to unclip my shoes from the pedals. But because I felt my bike was more important not to injure rather than myself, I bore the entire brunt of the fall on my right wrist. The injury report for my bike is good - no scratches. Not so good for my wrist. I think it is sprained because it still hurts - but after a little ice and an ace bandage, I'm good as new.


  1. We have all been there.... Good job saving the bike! LOL

  2. OUCH!! If you have any scrapes, I highly recommend Johnson & Johnson tough pads. I keep a box handy since I'm so accident prone. They're awesome. Sorry 'bout the fall!

  3. You can cross off #72 on Mondays Rite of Passages post

    I hope you are ok, and the wrist gets better soon.