Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Guess what I did today?

For the first time ever, I rode my bike to work today. It is about 20 miles and in theory, not a bad distance. However, in practical application, not so much. It took me about 25 minutes longer to get there than I expected.

I packed my work clothes and stuff to take a shower when I arrived in a small backpack. I figured it was small and light enough that it would not matter. Right? Wrong. I chose poorly. The backpack kept sliding from one side to the other while riding. I was very annoying and I kept on having to readjust it. I think I’m just going to leave a clean change of clothes and my shower stuff at work.

Another thing I had to deal with is the construction. Here in northeast Ohio, we only have two seasons – winter and construction. I knew I would have to deal with the construction projects but I didn’t realize how dangerous and scary they were to navigate through during morning rush hour. Most of the people in cars were kind and courteous but the few who were not truly scared me. Granted, the lanes are narrower in the construction zones but that doesn’t mean they have to run me off the road into the gravel. I was trying not to take up too much space.

I also found it scary to cross major intersections. Everyone was in such a rush I felt very pressured to get up to speed in a very short period of time. Next time I might take a longer route just to avoid the above issues. I am happy to report that I am getting much better at getting in and out of my clipless pedals.

Next thing that happened that I did not expect was … I got lost. OK - not lost so much as confused. The roads look so different when you are in a car vs. on a bike. Plus I’m not extremely familiar with the area. However, I did have my GPS, but that didn’t help as much as I had hoped. I finally had to call my husband to help me out of my jam. Thank God for cell phones and map quest (and my husband too-who picked up the phone after only one ring). I was right back on track, but that episode took about 15 minutes.

I made it to work none the worse for the wear. Now I only have to get back home tonight. At least the forecast is not calling for rain.


  1. Hey! Stumbled on your blog via someone else's. My wife and I are getting into triathlons this year and live in Sagamore Hills, Ohio.

    Not sure if you are a member or not, but the Cleveland Triathlon Club has been great for us training wise and getting a lot of our questions answered.

    Great job on riding to work, that is on our list of things to accomplish this summer. We live 18 miles from our house... should be interesting!

  2. I'm impressed!! Atlanta commuters are completely insane and yell obscenities at bikers & runners. It sounds like your town is much friendlier.

    Now that you've done it once I bet you'll be more and more comfortable w/ each ride.

    Way to go!!

  3. Construction makes me real nervous, I almost want to get off my bike when I see it.

    I wish my work had showers, I know you mention your encouraged to do tris, thus probably the showers at work. I really wish I had that option.