Thursday, May 6, 2010

Random Stuff

This is the caricature an artist drew of me and my oldest son Sam after the Turkey Trot in Erie, PA last year. Isn't it awesome? It was free. The Erie Running Club has some of the best schwag at any race I've been.

After 2+ years of unemployment, Lou got a 8-10 week gig. Yea!!! We hope it becomes permanent but won’t know for a while. So now my problem is finding daycare in the summer for the kids. Now that’s the problem I want to have.

My company is awesome. Can’t fully elaborate but they really encourage their employees to do triathlons.

My blackberry decided to wipe itself on Monday. Total dump. Thankfully, the information is backed up and I only had to wait 15 min as the help desk at my company reset it. It would have made for a lousy Monday had it not been backed up.

The Biggest Loser is my favorite show, but I really like Lost too and will miss it when it is gone.

My friend and running partner, Jean, turns 74 today. She is awesome and kicks my butt on a regular basis. She will be running in her 50th marathon next week at the Cleveland Marathon.

My friend and triathlon inspiration, Aimee, just completed her first Ironman – St. George. I am very proud of her.

I don’t know why I’m having such a hard time finding a swimming coach. I have had 4 bag on me already – meaning a first appointment was set and they canceled and never rescheduled. Two are from the local YMCA. Aren’t they supposed to help everyone? I’m am working on a 5th but can’t get a hold of her.

Lou can’t make it to the PHLYTri this year because of his new job so I will be relying on my 12 year old son for help.

The heater at the Bally’s where I swim has been broken for 2 weeks. The water has been hovering around 74. A little nippy for my taste, but it does keep the crowd down. They say it will be fixed this week.

At the age of 72 and 70, my parents are finally connected to the internet and have email addresses.

I just cashed in 190,000 Speedway points for a $200 Speedway gas card. Took me about 8 months to earn those points.


  1. I am jealous, but I think its great your company supports triathlons.

  2. Yes! Biggest Loser is the best show on TV!! (Although I have to admit that I also have a weakness for Real Housewives). This is the first time I like all the final contestants.

    I hope when I'm 74 I'm still running :) That's way cool!