Thursday, February 11, 2010

Get the Duck to do it.

Last Saturday, there was a local race called ‘Tackle the Tower.’ It was a race that was 37 flights consisting of 646 stairs at the Tower at Erieview in downtown Cleveland. My running partner and mentor, Jean Toth, has been trying to convince me to do this race for two years. She tried to get me to do it last year but I was too afraid. She didn’t push because she said if I’m telling myself I can’t do it, then I won’t be able to do it. This year I had made plans to do it this year, but since I hurt my neck and shoulders, I was advised I shouldn’t by my trusted chiropractor, Dr. Lori Christian (

So instead, I was the official chauffer and jacket holder during the race. Jean and my oldest son Sam did it while Tommy and I waited for them. Jean finished in 10:35 min and Sam finished in 8:05 min. The overall winner completed this task in 3:48 min. Yikes.

We were hanging around because we knew we had at least one winner. Jean is 73, soon to be 74 in a couple months. Were fairly sure she would get an age group award. Turns out she did – first place. Yea Jean! Second was a 66 year old woman who did it in 12:05 min.

While we were hanging around, Sam decided he wanted to try again because he felt he could do it faster second time around since he now knew what to expect. Against my better judgment, I let him do it. He was the last to go and he wanted to break 8 min. You would think his second go around would be slower but it wasn’t. He did it in 7:58 min. It was good for 12th place in his age group. I think that is great! I seriously doubt I could have done it in 12:05 min. However, I did put the race on my calendar for 2011.

Any time we do a race, we try to find the ones with the best goodie bags or food afterwards – because that is what its all about – eating and stuff! The goodie bags at this race included 3 rolls of Duck brand duct tape. They even gave a goodie bag to me and Tommy even though we didn’t do the race. We got a second round of goodie bags when Sam did the race a second time. I think they were mostly just trying to get rid of the bags at this point.

If you could have seen my boys, you would have thought that goodie bags contained the best present ever. They were completely overjoyed. All I could think of was “All this - over duct tape?” And noooo, it wasn’t just ordinary gray. It was a rainbow of duct tape. There was every color you could possibly imagine. When we got home, my boys logged onto the Duck Brand website (
) and began an afternoon of Ductivities (it is a real word – at least on their web site) that consisted of making duct tape wallets, ipod cases, cell phone cases, coin purses, flowers, even a 3D campfire made from the brown, orange and yellow tape. It kept them occupied for HOURS. If I would have known they would have this much fun with something so simple, I would have bought some years ago. I actually had to wrestle them for a couple rolls just so Lou could get some too. I managed to smuggle two rolls before getting caught.

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  1. I guess you will just have to come out to Avon for the Duct Tape festival in June.