Monday, December 14, 2009

Let's start at the very beginning... a very good place to start...

It is best to just start at the beginning. Last year when I was looking for a new job, I wanted a way for prospective employers to find positive information about me if they Googled me. I could either pay someone $2,000 to do this for me by planting info on the internet or I could figure a way to do this my self. Not one to pay $$$ like that for that kind of service I decided the best and fastest way to get my name out there was to run in local road races. They are published on the internet all the time.

So I ran… and I ran… and I ran. Then something funny happened. I started to feel really good. I liked the way I felt when I was running. I especially liked it when I was done. I felt like a million bucks! I met so many new people. Several encouraged me to join the local running club, Northeast Running Club ( and I kept on running. I made improvements and got better and stronger the more I ran. (I hesitate to use the word faster because although I did get faster, it is all relative. Faster for me is still a turtle’s pace for the overwhelming majority of runners)

I set my sights first on 5K’s, then 10K’s and then finally half marathons. My first year out I did 4 half marathons in a 3 month period. I love half marathons. They are long enough to sound impressive to someone who doesn’t run, but short enough that it doesn’t have as long a recovery time as a marathon.

More later…trust me this is the shortened version.

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