Thursday, December 10, 2009

All this happened, more or less.

After only one year of doing triathlons, I have been inspired by my friends Aimee and Eric ( to compete in the first REV3 half-iron distance triathlon ( on September 12, 2010. I wanted a way to document my experience and thought this would be the easiest. I have asked a handful of people if they think I’m ready – I’ve only done 3 sprint distance triathlons – but they all have been giving me the same answer. Yeah you’re ready! You’ll do great! - Yikes, I hope they are right.

For the most part, any event I compete in I usually have 3 goals:

1. Finish.
2. Not finish dead ass last.
3. Not finish dead ass last in my age group.

So far, I have met my first goal 100% of the time. Short of dying, bleeding or losing a limb, I plan to finish what I start. My only fear with this event is that I’ll miss cutoff times for any of the three events.

I have met my second goal at least 98% of the time. I have come in last before, but to be fair, they were at really small races. In fact, one was so small that even though I finished last, I was first in my age group. Go figure. It is my only first place age group finish.

I have met the third goal probably 85% of the time. I’m not fast at all. I never professed to be. I only profess to do these races. However, for the most part, when I’ve been last in my age group, I wasn’t last in the race.

I hope you enjoy reading about my half ironman adventure.

So it goes.


  1. Yea Rachel. This is going to be a great journey for you and everyone around you. Glad to be a part of the trip.

  2. I will be at the half as well, good luck