Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My First Masters Swim Class

Last night I went to my very first masters swim practice. It was AWESOME. Although I have improved so much over the last several months with my lessons, my instructor thought I would benefit from joining a masters swim group. I'm am still a beginner on many levels but doing this could move me to an intermediate skill level.

I am driving about 40 miles to get there either before work, after work or on Saturdays. There may be a masters swim closer but I really wanted to be coached by Leah Nyikes at www.liquidlifestyles.com because she is the one giving me lessons and knows my skill level and what I am capable of pushing myself to do.

Doing something like this can be intimidating but Leah made everyone at every skill level feel comfortable. I cannot wait to see how the summer progresses.


  1. Masters swimming is the best. You'll be amazed by how much you'll improve!

  2. she is a good person. Great instructor though, and as much as I would give you crap about a 40 mile drive for swimming lessons, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND!

    I have come a long way with just a few lessons from her. Good luck with the classes!

  3. That's awesome! I'm jealous that you have that opportunity. I really need to do this...

  4. I will be looking into swim stroke improvments over the winter for myself. Good luck with your classes! :)

  5. Nice to see your efforts and improvemnets. Masters Swimming is amazing and will surely take you to greater heights.