Friday, January 14, 2011

Real Swimming Lessons

OK. So I’ve been taking swimming lessons. Real swimming lessons. I just was not getting what I needed from videos on YouTube :-) Holy cow - what a difference. Clearly my form was awful. I wasn't keeping my head down, the timing on my arms were completely off, I wasn't rotating my hips as much as I should, the timing on my breathing was off.... About the only thing I am doing right is bilateral breathing. I learned to do the 2-beat kick yesterday. Yikes-that was way harder than I thought. I gotta practice that - a lot! I was getting the hang of it by the end of the lesson but the first time I tried it I'm sure I looked hilarious. However, I am getting better. My stroke count started at 19-20 stokes/25yds and is now down to 16 consistently and I feel less tired because I'm doing less work.

I like the class so much. It is what I have needed for a long time. I almost feel as if I wasted last year swimming the wrong way. I guess if I can make the swimming cutoff with the wrong technique then I can only improve my time with an improved technique – right?

Also because I want to win a Garmin 310XT, I’m mentioning the following blog:

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  1. My opinion, best return of investment that money can buy in this sport

  2. Very important to feel comfortable in the swim. You can freak yourself out and waste all kinds of energy if not relaxed in the water. Good work

  3. Sounds awesome! Glad to hear you're making progress!

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