Tuesday, August 3, 2010

REV3 Training Day

On Saturday July 21st, I met up with the Cleveland Triathlon Club for a training day at Sawmill Creek near Sandusky, OH. It was a day of swimming and biking and running the Rev3 course. It was free to anyone who wanted to participate. There were about 120 people there.

The day started off with either a swim clinic with Leah Nyikes at
www.liquidlifestyles.com or just a practice swim in the lake. It was perfect in the morning too and the water again was like glass. The clinic started around 7:45 am and lasted until around 9 am. Everyone who was biking went back to their vehicles, grabbed their stuff and changed. Since this was pre-arranged with Sawmill Creek Resort, they catered to our needs and provided a place to change, and later a place to shower if we wanted. They were very accommodating.

There was an A group, 2 B groups and a C group. I went with what we coined as the ‘rebel C’ group. Since we could not ride on the Cedar Point Causeway or Chausee due to traffic, the bike ride was modified for the training. The groups were riding on the REV3 full course. My friend Aimee took me on the actual REV3 half course. This was better for me since that is the race I’m doing. We went up and down the biggest hill on the course in Milan and she gave me some tips about what to do. She was very good to me. I know I slowed her down but she didn’t complain.

The first half was good, then it started to get extremely hot and windy. The temp reached 90+ that day. I was getting exhausted. I really hope it is not that windy on the day of the race. It could possibly do me in. I guess all this training in heat will prepare me for better weather in Sept. It took a while to finish. We took breaks and I was just riding it not racing it. I was glad to be done. NE Ohio just doesn’t get heat like that on a regular basis. I’m not used to it. I’m more comfortable running on a day that is only 30 degrees.

Afterwards, Aimee’s husband Eric ( http://trierictri.blogspot.com/) replaced my pedals. I have been having issues with my pedals. I could not get out of them quickly. They are older and have no tension adjustment. I kept on wrecking – more than normal – like every time I got on my bike. I purchased the Look Keo pedals at the recommendation of my cousin Stu, who does Ironman races and 100 mile bike rides on a regular basis. So far so good.

I went home after that and skipped the run portion. I was pretty much spent for that day. Overall it was awesome and I look forward to the next training day on August 21st.


  1. We wished we did that training day... I had too much work to do Saturday though so we couldn't make it. My parents have a place up in Sandusky so we know the bike course VERY well :)

    Hopefully it won't be windy up there because when we rode a portion of the course we felt the wind both directions... it was not fun.

    Tell me about the heat! This has been pretty crazy for us N.E. Ohioans!

    Keep up the good work! Smart move on the pedal upgrades too, gotta stay safe on the bike!

  2. Talk about heat... I am on my way to Puebla Mexico 111F. Now thats hot.

    You need to zero in on sodium replacement. That will help your fatigue

  3. HOT. It's just hot everywhere. Scott ran on Sunday and lost 4 pounds in 2 hours. (Why can't I have that kind of weight loss????)

    Keep up the great work!